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Each of us is one of a kind!
And all of our amazing emotions deserves to become pleasant memories!

All of our pictures and all of our videos are much more than just a graveyard in our cloud, more than just a lost post in our feed or a long forgotten file on our hard drive. They are our achievements, pain, joy, energy, tears, pride, admiration, nostalgia, fear, anxiety and triumph! They are our unforgettable experiences, they are our shining moments of sincerity, they are our pleasant emotions.


TIME CAPSULE is a new reliable service for creating digital time capsules for individuals, companies and organizations

It’s a simple way to bring the important moments of our digital ‘self’ back to life. And simple way to experience our emotions again and enjoy our memories even more.

We use servers with 99,999999999 % reliability of your data being safe.
You can be sure that your data is reliability save.

Go for it! Create your own digital capsules today. Organize your photo junkyard from the cloud or iCloud into long forgotten great memories of the past! We don’t set any limits on how many capsules you can create or how big they are!

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Only click 6 times and send it for 100 years and still get it just in time. Only 6 clicks and no more planning and trying not to forget. Focus on your life — we’ll remind you about the rest!

  It has never been so easy, safe and pleasant!

We understand how valuable your experience is! We save 100% of the initial quality of the files and give them back to you the way they were. This way you can live through the same unforgettable emotions as if you were still there, as if you were living in that moment again.

All of us are fantastic emotional people capable of different feelings, but sometimes we get lost and have many questions to ask. Our tech support is just two clicks away from you. We are always there, in your account, to make life easier for you.

Our photos and videos are more than just an archive of files and folders! It’s an opportunity to show the world who you really are, what you have experienced and what you have achieved. But this is also just the beginning!

Share your unique experiences and your amazing memories with your close ones and the entire world. Communicate, enjoy yourself. Communicate, be praised. Follow your friends and participate in their life. Relieve their memories and share your own, be it tears at somebody’s wedding, first cry of a child, crazy rock concert, drive or sizzling energy of sporting events. Live it again, feel it again because you are unique!

Go ahead! Choose a photo and create a capsule right now!!

Share your memories in the feed, leave likes and comments, subscribe to your friends and relatives
and get their emotions in response!

We are all people and we understand how important it is to save your memories and emotions. That’s why our team tried to create a service that could help you bring the important moments of your digital ‘self’ and never lose them again. After all, this is your legacy!

Now your memories are within your reach at any moment, wherever you are, in your personal account. No matter what happens: even if you lose your login and password to any of your cloud services, even if your laptop battery dies, even if your hard drive burns to crisp. Even if you break or lose your phone, you will always find them in our app in your Account, in your Calendar and on your Map.

Don’t ways your precious time organizing you photo archive. Focus on your life! Just make your capsule and we will remind you about it in the calendar, show it in your profile and lead you along the map.

TIME CAPSULE - is where your memories and emotions go back to life. Install our official app and relive them again!

All of us have to live in a fast-paced world that is changing very fast. There’s more and more content in the web, there’s more and more trash in the net, but the most valuable and treasured memories erase from our memory.

We forget and we get forgotten!

We really want to keep magical days and pleasant moments in our memory; we want to go back to happy memories and joyful events from our life. Our brain, however, priorities efficiency and easily forgets why we are here.

Get yourself back! And thank you for believing in our project!