Time Capsule - saving emotions

save your digital heritage in two clicks!

Time Capsule is an easy-to-use app for preserving your sweetest memories and brightest emotions.

Time Capsule - saving emotions APP

Get a unique opportunity to plunge into your happiest and goosebumping memories whenever you want. Preserve everything that matters:
⁃ Save your wedding memories to a time capsule to reminisce when you get old.
⁃ Send your baby’s first steps to his coming-of-age party.
⁃ Tell your descendants about your family in 100 years!
⁃ Remind your future self about your academic years.
⁃ Save your amazing memories from the craziest party you’ve ever been!
⁃ Leave a message to your children or grandchildren many years from now.
⁃ Save your impressions of a place that amazed you to revisit it many years later.

Now it’s easier than ever. Just sign up for your free Time Capsule app account and you can immediately create your digital time capsules. Add a title, description and a location if you’d like. Fill your capsule with images and videos of your choosing. Enter a date when the capsule should be opened. Choose a type of your capsule – public or private. And once you filled all the details click “Upload’. It’s that easy! From now on you can access all your happy memories at your fingertips. Moreover, now you can find on the map all the capsules: yours, your friends’, everyones. Or you an choose calendar order showing opening dates.


Each of you has attended at least one event in your life, such as a concert, festival or a party. And each of us would love to remember that day ever, but the brain functions the way that we easily forget the good things, too. What’s the option then, just saving stories on Instagram? This idea may be helpful, but the virtual time capsule would definitely be a safer and easier option.


Have you ever thought about an amazing opportunity to save the emotions of the best day you’ve ever had? This is finally possible, thanks to a time capsule that will keep the most vivid and sincere emotions of this beautiful day. Just use a time capsule app immersing you in your sweetest memories.


This world is full of amazing places that are worth visiting and exploring. Every time you visit a place that takes your breath away, take a picture, shoot a video or record an audio file of your emotions. With the help of a digital time capsule, you can keep and refresh your traveling experience.


Enjoy the glimpses of carefree childhood and access the most significant events at any time. Say goodbye to basic photo albums: the time capsule would gather all the family at once easily and safely, bringing you the high quality content.

Time Capsule is the perfect storage for your memories

The service allows you to keep media information about yourself forever, which means protecting and storing information for up to 100 years, linking content to a geographic location, and transmitting it to specific users at a specific time.

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