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Our project is just developing, but has already drawn users attention. Thousands of people have already found something interesting and useful for themselves in our service.

CEO - Ivan Bezsalii

Our main ideologist and founder. A successful entrepreneur who owns and manages a few companies with total revenue of 10 million dollars a year. Does charity. Keen on sport hunting.

“It took me a few years to crystalize this idea. Then it finally dawned on me that the amount of content is growing insanely quickly, there’s more and more garbage and our most treasured things get lost, so I took the work on the project really seriously.”

CMO - Anatoly Pichugin

Managing director of the project. He is into speculative trading, sports and rowing.

More than 20 years in sales (B2B/B2C/B2B/D2C). More than 7 years in finance and budget managing. More than 45 successful consulting projects. More than 25 developed financing models and marketing plans. Leader of more than 20 successfully finished projects. Master’s degree in business managing. Production engineer.


The co-founder, a high-level system administrator. He is keen on tourism and fishing. A proud father of two sons.

Since 2010 he has been focused on developing his skills in networking, developing and managing of IT-projects. He has been successful in leading contractors and supervising project teams.